Two programmes with pieces on insects for food or feed in the same week!

This week saw an edition of Countryfile that reported on the ProteINSECT project that FERA is leading, focusing on insects for livestock feed.  A few days later, there was an edition of Tomorrows Food that had as its first item a piece on insects for human consumption.  If you missed them they are both worth finding on iPlayer.

The Countryfile piece reported that 75% of members of the public, in a survey, said they would be happy to eat meat that had been fed on insects.  Worrying really that 25% presumably have some concerns about this.

The Tomorrows Food piece focused on a large US cricket farm and the fact that the best way to get the public to try insect material is by disguising it in cookies, tortillas etc.


Tomorrows Food

Nothing ground-breaking here but positive in the general campaign to turn public opinion.

Do make use of these to get conversations going!

Image Credits: BBC

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