Woven Network CIC

The UK-based Network for Insects as Food & Feed

Connecting entrepreneurs, researchers and others working in the role of insects in the human food chain in the UK and elsewhere, contributing to securing sustainable, alternative sources of protein, globally.


Urgent: Novel Foods

Help us get insect products approved for sale in the EU!

If you would be interested in being part of our campaign to get insect products approved for sale in the EU by seeking to secure generic approvals of the main varieties, please express your interest through completing our short survey.

More information can be found here.

Best wishes,

Nick (Woven Network MD)

Our Mission

To connect, inform and promote all those keen on enabling insects to become part of the human food chain and on developing them as a sustainable alternative source of protein and nutrition.

To identify key barriers and opportunities for addressing challenges facing this emerging sector and leading campaigns and programmes to address these.

To galvanise wider action and involvement of specialists to open up resources for the benefit of the sector.

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