Form to complete for importing insect material

If you want to import cricket flour into the UK, this is the form you have to fill out:

Import license form

There are lots of questions that are irrelevant, so just write N/A. It takes 15 days to be granted, and they will get back to you if they require more information.

Thanks to Christine for flagging this.

Image Credits: Animal & Plant Health Agency

5 Replies to “Form to complete for importing insect material”

  1. Just wanted to add a point to this following a discussion with Sandra Davidson at the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

    She has highlighted that they are still under review as to whether insect importing is covered / needed under this license. I will be having another call next week to confirm and send out an update once clarified.



    1. Hi Carole,

      Unfortunately, we did not receive any clarification related specifically to imports. However, we will log your question and put it to our members in the next newsletter – perhaps one of them can help further.

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