European Food Safety Authority Opinion

The EFSA published its Opinion on the relative safety of insects for food and feed, compared with other sources of protein on 8 October.

You can read the report here:

This sets out both what is known about the extensive consumption of insects but also all the areas where not enough is known.  It should be a useful reference point for those looking to work up research proposals but also needs to be considered carefully by the industry to look for ways to minimise risks while still offering high quality products.

Those developing insect farming technologies will also find this very useful.


Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Thanks, Nick.

    With regards to feed, PROteINSECT, the EC-funded and FERA-managed project, released an intitial response to this, found here. They also released their Consensus Business Case Report back in May, found here, highlighting the potential contribution insects can make in addressing the protein deficit in Europe.

    As far as food goes, I wrote a brief summary on the EFSA’s recommendations for further edible insects research, found here.

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