Woven Webinar Repository

Woven began a series of webinars in June 2020 with the theme, “Ask an Expert”, featuring Q&A sessions with members of our Expert Panel. Tickets for each webinar will be available in due course for both Woven members and non-members (here) and recordings of these sessions will be posted below.

Insects as Food & Feed (Trial Run) - 19th Jun 2020

Woven’s very first webinar during the COVID lockdown, where both its members and non-members met to discuss the Insects as Food & Feed (IFF) sector. More webinars to follow this trial run coming soon…

Ask an Expert: Prof. Arnold Van Huis - 18th Sep 2020

Woven’s first ‘Ask an Expert’ session, hosted by world renowned entomologist and entomophagy advocate, Prof. Arnold van Huis. Chaired by Woven’s Dr. Chris Bear.

Ask an Expert: Robert Nathan Allen - 16th Oct 2020

Woven’s next ‘Ask an Expert’ session, hosted by Robert Nathan Allen (RNA) from the North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture (NACIA). Chaired by Woven’s MD, Dr. Nick Rousseau.

Ask an Expert: David Drew - 13th Nov 2020

Woven’s ‘Ask an Expert’ session, hosted by David Drew: international marketer, technologist, entrepreneur and co-founder of AgriProtein in South Africa. Chaired by Woven’s Dr. David Duthie.