Woven Network Memberships

Membership Packages

Membership benefits include:

  • Consulted on what Woven should lobby for/about.
  • Access to the support of the Woven team.
  • An entry in the members’ directory and access to a “matchmaking service” to find others according to each member’s specific needs.
  • Access to and ability to take part in our online Forum discussions.
  • Access to in-depth articles discussing the latest developments and providing expert insight from a range of sources.
  • Access to sell / advertise their products in the Woven Marketplace.
  • Discounted Woven events and early notification.
  • Rights to use “Woven Member” and branding in website, letterheads, etc.
  • Invitation to an annual exclusive Woven Members’ gathering.
  • Other online resources that we will develop and make available in consultation with the membership.

Other goals for our Members in the coming year:

Woven is exploring the following areas on behalf of Members, and could take forward work subject to Members expressing these as priorities, being able to cover the costs of the work involved and there being capacity:

  • Enabling its members to shape standards relating to insects for food and feed, working with the British Standards Institution (BSI).
  • Facilitating collective applications for Novel Foods approval, saving its members money and effort.
  • Ways to support its members in accessing new markets.
  • Consumer campaigns on behalf of its members to promote insects for food and feed.

All of the following Membership Packages entitle you to full membership benefits, as opposed to simply being an Associate, attained automatically by registering on our website for our newsletter.

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Showing all 3 results