Welcome to the Woven Forum


The Woven Forum is now open to all Full Members. Structured with accessibility in mind, it will hopefully now be simple enough to follow and engage with the topics of interest. Members should now all receive an email with a link whenever a new topic is started. To receive further email notifications on that topic, it is up to the individual to click on “Subscribe”.

There are four forums:

  1. The Business Forum, where members can post questions and/or useful information relating to business development within the IFF sector. There is also a Vacancies & Opportunites sub-forum here that will function for companies to advertise any job or internship vacancies, but also for those that may be interested in working with an established company to introduce themselves and their interests, etc.
  2. The Research Forum is where members can share with the community any research articles that may be of interest, but also discuss anything related to the academic spectrum of the IFF sector. New research articles can be posted here (a simple link will be sufficient) and the full text will then be added to the appropriate section(s) in our Research Repository.
  3. The General Forum for all other enquiries and discussions not directly related to business or research, ranging from tips on domestic insect farming to event notifications.
  4. The New Members’ Forum is for anyone wishing to introduce themselves to the community and make their presence known.

Woven has had a lot of requests for assistance via email and whilst we are more than happy to help where we can, it may be much more useful for members to open up their questions to the wider Woven community through these forums.

Similarly, Full Members also have access to the Members Directory, where they can search through not just other Full Members, but well over a hundred registered members, based on the service each individual or company has to offer. All members are encouraged to make use of this service by first updating their profiles with this kind of information (using dropdown boxes under “Community Needs”) so that other members can find them more easily. An internal messaging system is in place for Full Members to assist members in making introductions.

If you have any difficulties logging in to your account, please don’t hesitate to contact our website guru Matt Anderson.

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