European Regulations and the Brexit effect

It will not have escaped your attention that last week was a somewhat momentous one with a vote to leave the EU.  This has left many of us reeling, including, I suspect, many who were on the Leave campaign.  There are many questions that will take some time to resolve, both in terms of what exactly our relationship with Europe is, going forward, and what the UK policy is on matters that were, until we leave/left resolved at European level.
I was at DEFRA on Monday for an event discussing the state of UK agriculture and it was starting to become clear that a great deal of UK agricultural policy is heavily shaped by the Common Agricultural Policy and officials at DEFRA will be working flat out to create a UK Agricultural policy, or even as one said, an English AP/Scottish AP…
I’m afraid that this means one thing for sure – a long period of uncertainty.  Never good for business.  It also could mean that the EU research funding programmes will not be open to UK scientists either.

Woven’s Role

What we can offer at Woven, however, is that we will keep as close as we can to  the FSA so that we know how things emerge as the new arrangements become clearer.  Sadly, from my knowledge of how Govt works there will be very little concrete decided until we have a new PM and senior team but officials will be working on a number of scenarios so that they can put up concrete proposals to Minsters for their decision/endorsement a soon as Ministers are in place.

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